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The Ways Weight Loss Makes Your Life Better

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

We know that losing weight is something that brings benefits to anyone who is overweight. We know that losing weight can mean reduced risk of disease. We know it’s the HEALTHY thing to do, but often times, that’s just not enough motivation to make the lifestyle changes necessary to actually lose weight and to lose it for good.

While researching this blog post, I was struck by the repeated use of the word “better” when reading lists of hidden and unexpected benefits of weight loss. So for this post, we’re going to focus on the ways in which losing weight can make your life better.

Better Energy: Dr. Adam Tsai, a physician at Kaiser Permanente Colorado and a spokesperson for the Obesity Society explains the phenomenon this way, “When you’re carrying around fewer pounds, you use less energy to simply go about your day.” That means simple tasks like putting away your groceries or walking to the mailbox require less energy to complete and therefore your energy stores are not as quickly diminished throughout the day.

Better Mood: Losing weight leads many to feel more confident and less insecure. A natural extension of that is that you’ll find yourself in a better mood much of the time. When you’re not constantly focused on worrying about what people are thinking about you or whether your outfit is flattering your body type or if you’re being judged for your meal choices in a restaurant, you clear up a lot of mental space that can be used to make you happier.

Better Sleep: This article from the Harvard Health School outlines of a Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine study on the effects of weight loss on sleep. If you’re starting to notice, though, the items on this list are not mutually exclusive. Happier people sleep better. People who have ample energy during the day tend to sleep better. And likewise, people who sleep better are likely to have better energy during the day and be in a better mood.

Better Skin: It’s likely that to achieve and maintain your weight loss you’ll be consuming more nutritious foods with higher water content. With the extra hydration and nutrition from your new diet, your skin will be getting more of what it needs to stay healthy. Remember – your skin is an organ, and it needs these things to stay healthy. And again – better sleep will lead to better skin. And better skin will lead to a better mode. It’s all related, folks.

Better Sex: This one goes back to the mood point, actually. That boost in confidence? Better sex. That boost in energy? Better sex. And everyone who’s “been there” knows that better sex can certainly lead to better sleep. Who knows, you may even find that with your increased confidence and lower body weight you’re willing to be a little more adventurous in bed than you’d been previously.

I could keep going; a better back, better immunity, better memory, a better wardrobe, etc., etc. But I think you’re starting to get the picture. And what good is all this information? Sometimes to ignite a change, it’s helpful to dial in on the key benefit or benefits that are most exciting to you.

What will your life look like when you have better energy and are in a better mood more of the time? How will you feel when your skin is clearer and you’re getting the best sleep (or having the best sex) of your life? Imagine the impact these changes can have on your quality of life and combine that expectation with the knowledge you already have about the health and wellness benefits of weight loss.

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