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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

The best health insurance is probably the one you’re not using.

If you ask most people, they understand the importance of fitness, diet and exercise as preventative healthcare. If you ask those same people if they believe they’re doing enough to stay healthy – they’ll probably tell you no.


If we know that exercising more and eating better will not only make us healthier now, but keep us healthier in the future by reducing our risk for heart disease, stroke and cancer (check out WebMD’s article on heart disease and stroke prevention or the National Cancer Institute’s page on the link between exercise and reduced cancer risk), then why do so many of us readily admit we’re not doing enough? Especially when study after study proves that preventative healthcare is the best health insurance?

For most of us, simply knowing we need to exercise more isn’t enough information. Where do we start? What kind of exercise is best for me? How often should I workout? How long do I rest between workouts?

The internet can be helpful, but it can also be overwhelming and misleading. Try doing a search for “best workouts” and Google will say, “Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s talk about the specific workouts.” So in an attempt to find the best workout for me, Google wants me to tell it what kind of workout I want to know about … this is beginning to look like work. And if figuring out the best workout for me takes this much work, just imagine the workout itself!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let’s use an analogy. You’re sick. What do you do? You go to a doctor. Why? Because you know that getting expert advice is the best way to get better. You wouldn’t self diagnose on the internet and then self prescribe based on internet articles or opinions (or if you have, you know how fruitless and dangerous that can be). You’re sick – you go to a doctor. Easiest way to get healthy.

Easiest way to STAY healthy? Go to a fitness trainer or coach. Let them diagnose (assess) and prescribe (program) your workouts for you. Whether you go once to get a program design to follow on your own or you go three times a week and have the trainer monitor and supervise your workouts, either way you’ll get the expert advice you need to get started on the most effective program for your body and your goals.

But why go to a trainer when I can download an eBook from the internet or watch a video on YouTube?

“I’ve been trained and educated to determine the most effective and efficient way for you to get results when it comes to exercise,” says Tyler Shepard, a certified Personal Trainer at Elevate Fitness Club in Liverpool, NY.  “As a certified trainer, I’ve studied countless methods for achieving results and can help you determine not only the most effective method – but one that meets your lifestyle and scheduling needs as well.”

Most trainers in the Central New York area charge somewhere around the $1/minute range and offer 30 and 60 minute sessions. Some clubs (Elevate Fitness Clubs included) and gyms will even offer a complimentary session to new members or guests trying to determine whether or not they want to join a facility.

We’re willing to be that if you ask someone who’s lived with the horror of heart disease or stroke or cancer, you can’t put a price on the kind of preventative healthcare that can save you and your family the physical, emotional and financial costs of these preventable diseases.  And ultimately, isn’t that what truly makes it the best health insurance? Think about it this way: you don’t hesitate to pay for things like toothpaste and medications, so why skimp when it comes to something as important as your future health?

Stop procrastinating and get the very best health insurance by joining Elevate Fitness and getting started on building a healthier and happier version of yourself.

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